Dining Room or Breakfast Room Deep Cleaning Checklist

In addition to our basic cleaning tasks we have also added a deep cleaning check list. This check list will help you see the deep cleaned areas that were addressed each time we clean. Deep cleaning generally takes 2 to 4 times longer and it will be done on a rotating basis. For example, you have a ceiling fan that is covered with dust and stuck on dirt. A basic cleaning will not clean the fan with a regular dusting. The fan blades will need to be hand washed and then the light fixture taken apart and washed and dried. After this is done the ceiling fan will not need to be deep cleaned the next few visits. We can then concentrate on another area that needs to be deep cleaned. By doing this rotating deep cleaning we keep your house deep cleaned all year round.

( ) Hand clean chair/table legs and base

( ) Detail hand wash baseboards, windowsills, doors and door frames

( ) Hand clean hanging pictures, photographs or artwork

( ) Clean A/C vents of registers in the floor, wall or ceiling

( ) Move aside (movable) furniture and vacuum behind and underneath

( ) Vacuum upholstered furniture

( ) Vacuum lampshades with attachments

( ) Detail wash fan blades and attached fixtures

( ) Detail wash light fixtures

( ) Hand wash silk flowers and artificial plants

( ) Hand wash mini-blinds, vertical blinds or shutters

( ) Detail wash inside windows, frames and tracks

( ) Hand wash ornaments or what-knots

( ) Spot clean walls ( note: only with washable paint)

( ) Vacuum under area rugs (note: due to dye transfers, we do not mop underneath

( ) Remove small spot or stain from carpet or rug

Services Available For Additional Fee


( ) Detail clean inside china cabinet or curio

( ) Detail wash outside windows screens, frames and tracks

( ) Hand wash wall surfaces (note: only with washable paint)


Tips & Warnings


Using candles while entertaining? Always use a candleholder to prevent wax spillage on your dining room table.


Be very careful when hand-washing fancy china. China is often quite delicate, especially older pieces, and can easily be scratched, chipped or broken. Handle the china gently, and never scrub it too hard. Set it aside in a secure, stable place to dry.


At least once a year take down draperies and curtains to wash or have cleaned according to the directions.


Clean the carpet and rugs. (You can choose to use a carpet professional, rent a cleaning machine, or vacuum and spot-treat according to soil level).


Deep Cleaning Checklist

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